Mike IversonMusic, clawhammer banjo, and more...

Music, clawhammer banjo, and more...

November 2011

Give Me The Banjo!

This Friday evening, PBS stations across the county will be airing a special documentary on the banjo. This is a “must see” for all banjoists (and all the spouses, family, and friends who have to put up with them!).

I’m hoping this Special focuses on the early history of the banjo, and especially the African/African-American connection with the instrument...

I’ve long thought that the banjo was the “missing link” in the history of American music; that one vehicle in which the music of Africa and Europe joined together to make the journey through the 19th century - creating the “American Songbag” along the way.

Here in northern Utah, the program will air on:

KUED HD Channel 7.1
Fri Nov 4th, 2011 @ 8:00 pm
Mon Nov 7th, 2011 @ 1:00 am

Mark your calendars (or set your tivo) to catch this program...


The piano may do for lovesick girls who lace themselves to skeletons, and lunch on chalk, pickles, and slate pencils. But give me the banjo... When you want genuine music—music that will come right home to you like a bad quarter, suffuse your system like strychnine whiskey…ramify your whole constitution like the measles, and break out on your hide like the pin-feather pimples on a picked goose—when you want all this, just smash your piano, and invoke the glory-beaming banjo! - Mark Twain