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Favorite Links

Mike's Link List

Clawhammer Banjo

Acoustic Music - Utah's favorite source for instruments, supplies, lessons, and music.

Intermountain Guitar & Banjo - An amazing source for both new and used instruments. Leo's vintage banjo restorations are the best I've ever seen.

Ome Banjos - I've been very impressed with Ome banjos over the years and am especially excited about their new line of open-backs...

Gold Tone Banjos - The best resource for affordable banjos. I know from first hand experience that this company is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve the banjo community.

Deering Banjos - I play (and love) my Deering/Vega Longneck banjo; it's my "G" banjo...

Chuck Lee Banjos - The craftsmanship and feel of the best nineteenth century banjos in a modern instrument!

The Banjo Hangout - I can't say enough about the Banjo Hangout; it provides a home for the banjo community.

Kavanjo Banjo Pickup - Innovative system for amplifying the banjo.

Other Sites Of Interest

Nowland Guitars - One of Utah's finest builders of custom guitars.

Ultimate Guitar - This unique website allows you to find lyrics with chords, and then transpose the keys before printing.

The Mudcat Cafe - A great place to discuss and discover folk songs.

Intermountain Acoustic Music Association - Utah's folk & bluegrass organization.

Band In A Box - Amazing practice software for those wishing to improve their technique.

KRCL - The only station in Utah that plays bluegrass, folk & western music.

Utah Contra Dance Information Page - your guide to the contra dances (barn dances) held in our area.
Favorite Artists

Clawhammer Banjoists

Michael J. Miles - Amazing clawhammer player who can hold his own against anyone! A brilliant composer and arranger...

Ken Perlman - Clawhammer player, author and teacher. His books should be in every banjo players personal library. Highly recommended!

Mark Johnson - Playing his unique style of clawhammer banjo in a bluegrass setting. Clawgrass!

Art Rosenbaum - Art's playing (and singing) gets right to the heart of what American folk song is all about. A prime influence on my style of play.

John Balch - Another forward looking clawhammer player and composer. Check out his original banjo compositions in my 'Progressive Clawhammer' section. John is now obsessing on his latest project - making the best hide banjo heads available! Check them out.

Other Favorite Artists

Doc Watson - A hero of mine, and the single greatest influence on my music. Doc should have been declared a national treasure...

Norman Blake - It's rare to find a song writer so in touch with America's traditional music. Some of my all time favorite songs have been penned by Blake.

Bela Fleck - My personal muse! His impressive technical skill may blind us to the fact that Bela may very well be one of the best composers to come out of the last century. His work should be required listening for every serious musician.

David Grisman - With the release of his first "Quintet" album, David redefined our notions of what could be done in an ensemble comprized of "bluegrass" instruments.

Tony Rice - Mark Johnson once asked me how I developed my approach to the banjo, I told him it came from trying to emulate Tony's flat-pick guitar style on the banjo! Tony was the most influential flat-pick guitarist in history - his style can be heard in EVERY living bluegrass guitarist performing today.

Gordon Lightfoot - What more can I say about Gordon other than he's my all time favorite song writer. He was Tony Rice's as well…

Good Friends, Great Artists...

Matt Flinner - I think Matt's 'View From Here' CD is the best mandolin project since the first two David Grisman LPs. Listening to Matt has taught me a lot about valuing taste over technique...

Austin Weyand - Extraordinary finger-style guitarist and composer. Anyone living in northern Utah who is interested in advanced guitar instruction should consider contacting him.

Kate Macleod - Possible the most talented musician I know. A great songwriter, singer, fiddler, and guitarist...

Brenn Hill - The best writer of contemporary western songs I've yet heard.

Sourdough Slim - My favorite cowboy singer! Well, at least my favorite next to Glen Ohrlin (sorry Slim).

Horse Sense - If you like Blue Sage, you'll love Justin Bishop's music; he was the inspiration behind our own approach to western folk music.
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